CHI Flat Iron

CHI Flat Iron from Farouk, a big name on the hair flat iron market, is one of the top selling ceramic flat irons in the professional beauty industry. The sleek, slim and simple design of the CHI Flat Iron makes it the most easy and convenient to use. Manufactured with advanced American technology, the CHI flat iron stands behind its product and its endless possibilities! CHI is the best!

However, is a CHI flat iron worth your 100 bucks? Read what the professionals and home users are talking about CHI flat iron, and you can share your experiences with them, give your tips not only for using CHI flat irons but also for using CHI Hair Dryers, CHI Curling Irons and other CHI Hair Products, check out the special deals from worldwide CHI stores, and much more...

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CHI Flat Irons

CHI Ionic Single Pass Ceramic Flat Iron

CHI Ionic Single Pass Ceramic Flat...

I had bought several straighteners, and could not find one that I loved. Then finally, I found this straighter and I fell in love... for the...

CHI Flat Irons

BIG CHI 2" Flat Iron


I bought a chi 2" flat iron about 9 months ago.    I do not have the receipt and recently moved.    The...

CHI Hair Dryers

Ultra CHI Red Pro Hair Dryer

Never again

I typically dont do reviews, but I was so exicted to finally get a Chi blow dryer.    I loved it, it made my hair so soft (seemed...

CHI Curling Irons

CHI Ceramic Auto Digital Waver


i bought one of these at a charity event and it didnt have any instructions in the box is there anywhere's on the web site that I can look at...

CHI Hair Products

CHI Thermal Protecting Spray

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CHI Deals

CHI Deep Brilliance 1800 Watts Low EMF Hair Dryer, Purple

(0 Reviews)
$65.00 $58.95 save 9%

Highly recommend this CHI hair dryer for those with coarse, texturized Hair! It is powerful and dries hair super fast, cutting as much as 50% of...

CHI Deep Brilliance 1800 Watts Low EMF Hair Dryer, Purple
$65.00 $58.95 save 9%
CHI Camo Collection 1" Flat Iron - Blue Camo
$119.99 $99.99 save 17%
CHI Ceramic Flat Iron, Original
$170.00 $42.99 save 75%

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Warranty Information on CHI Flat Irons

Warranty Information on CHI Flat Irons

All authentic CHI Flat Irons and other CHI appliances are guaranteed to be free of defects and workmanship errors for one year from purchase.

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How to Tell Fake CHI Flat Iron

How to Tell Fake CHI Flat Iron

Today there are hundreds of fake Chi irons out there, a growing wave of counterfeits has driven down prices and created a dilemma for Farouk Systems. So you need to be concerned...

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Posted by mcmoutlet on Mon, Jun 30th, 2014

Posted by k. hinks on Thu, Dec 12th, 2013

I have seen chi's made in China at JCP Salon. Very disappointing. Also all the ones in department stores are made in China.